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10k hrs.

Suffice to say, trading is probably the single most difficult profession one can attempt to master.

I don't actually believe in the 10,000 Hour Rule. It may just be complete coincidence that it takes around that time to master something, but some people can do it in less. I have seen it.

So am I a master trader? No. I believe as a trader you have to evolve and adapt along the journey, but I feel like I am I in a good place. This website, trading room and BTS is the next step of my journey.

So why am I doing this? Easy. I am tired of reading about trading charlatans, grifters and criminals whose sole purpose is to rip off new and aspiring trader out of thousands of dollars. In the cess pool of the online trading industry promises are easy to find.

I have had my own experiences with so called trading guru's and I am sure you have too. Looking back I can't believe I fell for the scams and lies that I did. I am way too street smart for that! But I guess the desperation to learn got the better of me.

I have no idea if what I am trying to do here will work out. It is a daunting task to do something like this. It takes guts. Guts because I don't have to do it and I am probably inviting more pressure in to my life that I just don't need.

But I want to at least try. It won't be perfect and sometimes it won't be pretty, but I will try to be the best that I can be.

So if you want to master your craft;

8 hours per day

5 days per week

44 weeks per year

for 5-1/2 years

You better get started!

My Trading Journey - Part III