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To be honest, this email was from 2010, but I deleted similar emails from 2009 in disgust of myself for falling for this shit. Too good to miss right? All I had to do was follow Brian's trades and I would have my own personal printing press.

This website (a dead link now) was run by a so called professional trader Brian Heyliger. I think if Brian was asked to produce any form of proof he actually traded, he couldn't - but that doesn't matter - I didn't ask. And besides, his website had an Excel spreadsheet of all his futures trades. Boy, he was a master trader because the losing trades were only small and the winners were large. I couldn't lose!

After you paid your subscription to Brian, the concept was pretty simple. Brian would send a Market Trigger Alert email every morning before RTH. You then plugged the buy/sell orders into your trading platform. Here is an example:

I fell for it and I even paid more for his "one-on-one" service. Needless to say he was no better a trader than I was. I fell for slick advertising and got wrapped up with the chase of one thing, money.

I have more to say about my Trading Education in Part 2 of my trading journey, but at the end of the day there was nobody to blame for my actions other than myself.

So what was I going to do? If I couldn't rely on anybody else to help me learn to trade, who could teach me? The answer was very simple, that person was me.

The problem was, even though I knew this was the only solution, I ended up repeating my bad behavior. It was easier to join another trading room, follow another "guru", purchase another indicator, purchase another course, purchase another book, than actually admit I was the only person I could count on.

I was in this perpetual motion of moving from one "system" or "method" to another. Combing through indicator after indicator trying to come up with a combination of absolute certainty for every trade. Every day I would piece together a new and improved system that would fall apart when it started to see live data. "It worked in the past!" I would scream as I hear that haunting voice from NinjaTrader repeat "STOP FILLED".

I had to do something. I was losing it.

Over the next few years I stripped my charts and decided to rebuild my approach form the ground up. It has been a very long journey but one of the biggest discoveries to come out of it all is this.

"It doesn't matter what you think  the market is going to do. It only matters what the market actually does."

Fast forward to today and I believe my crowning achievement is BTS. This has become a fundamental part of my trading and I use it every single day. And now, so can you!​

My Trading Journey - Part I

I had this trading thing cracked. As a new trader back in 2009, all I had to do was transfer $25,000 into a trading account, follow a "professional trader's" trading calls and voila, first class travel, luxury hotels and a private jet to boot.

If only it was that easy. I can freely admit I was a fool. A fool to think that it could possibly be so damn simple.

Life has a funny way of changing direction sometimes. It was literally thrown in your face with the crash of 2008. It was inescapable news. I didn't believe I was naïve about finance, I had a couple of trading accounts where I had been buying and selling commodities, but truth be told I really had no idea how the market "worked". After the 2008 crash (that I later discovered was predictable and avoidable) I decided to delve deeper in to the mechanisms of the financial industry, asking many questions and finding answers I probably didn't want to hear.

The truth is, the average person doesn't care too much about the economy as a whole. They accept that the economy expands and contracts but they don't actually know why. They just accept it because that is what they have been educated to do. Trust the governments and trust the banks, they have got your back, right?

Suffice to say I found the answers I was looking for, but that meant I would never look at money, finance, central banks or governments in the same way again. In some aspects I wish I had never found out that the entire financial system was rigged, manipulated and controlled. But to this day, I don't regret it. At least I know. It is amazing though how many people just don't want to believe it.

So how did I get into futures trading? Simple. In 2009 I got an email similar to this: