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Trading Room

NOTICE: The Trading Room is back by popular demand!

For educational purposes only, I run a live private ES trading room that is limited to 25 traders. The Trading Room was temporarily in sabbatical but I re-opened it to due to popular demand. 

The Trading Room is currently full.

Can't brokerage statements be faked anyway?
​In this day and age, anything can be faked. It would however take an awful amount of time to actually fake trading statements each and every day. And the end of month statement would have to merge everything from the daily statements. That would take an incredible amount of work. Sure it can be done, but I am sure fraudulent trading rooms would not want to spend the time doing it. 

Below is a snippet from my daily brokerage statement for the two trades I took during the slow morning session the day after Thanksgiving 2017. I chose to show this because we only took 2 trades that day and its a great example of the amount of information that is shown on the brokerage statement for just 2 entries!. Having to fake this each and every day would be a challenge, especially if there were 6 or 7 trades. When I used to show my statements every day, the redaction of all my personal information was a real time consumer each day hence one of the reasons I chose to stop doing it.

What is the cost of the trading room?
I charge $299 (two hundred and ninety nine) USD per calendar month. I have the right to change this amount at any time. The cycle time for a subscription is 1 (one) calendar month from time of payment, plus a day or so grace period. Then the cycle repeats monthly.

How do I get access and how do I pay?
You can fill out the waitlist form at the top of this page. As space is limited, I will let you know either way as soon as I can. If there is a space available we should have a chat over Skype first. I might not be the right fit for your trading, so we should establish that first. All payments are to be made via PayPal.

So I have paid, then what?
Once your payment is cleared, I will send you your access credentials to the trading room. If you share with anybody you will be banned from the room regardless of what payment credit you might have.

What are the operating hours of the trading room?
I am usually at my trading desk by 06:30 MTN. I use the hour prior to RTH to complete my daily homework. The room could be open anywhere between 06:30 MTN to 07:15 MTN.
It is my intention to keep the room open for the full length of RTH but this doesn't mean I won't shut it down early, especially if I have had a spectacular morning, or a terrible one of course.

What should i expect once I am inside the room?
For the most part silence. Trading is a lonely profession! I will however talk through what I am looking for and discuss the trades as BTS Quant prints trade entries. I also love classical music, so from time to time that might be playing in the background.

Are you a human being?
*Yes, which is why on occasion there may be an unforeseen circumstance in which I cannot run the room. I will do my level best to provide a continuing service but you must understand that with a one man show, my only member of staff is me.

For planned absences (Canadian Holidays, US Holidays, Vacation, Personal Time, Sickness) I will let everybody know with as much notice as I can. I plan to keep a calendar on this website so my schedule is transparent and/or on the home page.

BUT I PAID FOR THE ROOM, I don't want any downtime!

Me neither. Remember, I am trading for a living so if I am not trading I am not earning money. But, it is a fact of life there will be times when I am just not able to run the room on certain days. If this will be bothersome to you, don't sign up.

Okay I accept all that, do I just follow your trades then?
You can approach this however you wish. The trading room is for educational purposes only and I hold no accountability for your decision(s) to take or not to take a trade that I may have entered. I will only communicate what I am doing and I will NEVER advise you to take any trade but I might indicate areas to take profit. If you want to follow my trades you are welcome to do so.

Will I learn anything?
I hope so. I try and talk through the setups as I see them unfolding and as my BTS Quant signals print. When I get the order flow wrong and a trade goes against me, I will be learning at that very moment too!

If i shadow your trades, what will your average P&L be every day?
Wrong question. Please do not sign up for the room.

If I shadow your trades, what will your risk management be every day?
A much better question. I do have a trading plan that I follow and I always trade with a STOP. You can find out more by downloading the BTS user guide available here.

You suggest A $25,000 account? I only have a $5,000 account, that's still good right?
Apart from being undercapitalized to trade, I have no interest nor take any responsibility in the size of the account you wish to trade from. That lies solely with you.

But I can just reduce the number of contracts i trade, right?
Again, I have no interest nor take any responsibility of your risk management. That lies solely with you.

Alright i get it, i am on my own, but Do you ever move your stop?
If the trade begins to profit I will move my stop towards my B/E price. You can find out more by downloading the BTS user guide available here.

Do you add to winning positions?

Do you have pre-defined profit targets?
Yes. I typically use VWAP levels.

How do you determine where to remove your final contract
This is all based on BTS Quant.

Volume profile you say?
Yes. As mentioned on my setup page, Volume Profile is an important part of my trading.

So what happens when your BTS Quant indicator plots a signal?
The algorithm will give me an audio cue and print a signal on the chart and I'll either enter the trade or I won't.

So you just enter at whatever price the algorithm prints?
Market context is very important. It is impossible for me to say yes or no to this question. In general, my signals are very good as they have been programmed by me after years of trading but I still rely on trendlines and key volume profile levels to add context.

How do you enter your orders?
Typically at MKT or LMT if I am feeling like I want to save a tick or two.

You mentioned market context, why not program that "context" in to BTS Quant?

That is a great question. I designed the algorithm to be as robust as possible but it can get caught out especially on whipsaw days. At the end of the day an algorithm can only base its decision on what has happened in the past. I have told it when it can and can't print a trade but sometimes those conditions are all met, even though the context of the market suggests otherwise.

What is the percentage accuracy of your algorithm?
That question is only relevant if I took every single trade it prints as part of an automated strategy. I would then have statistics to share. Fact is, I don't take every trade it prints so any data pertaining to this would be flawed. You can find out more about the winning percentage and R ratio by watching my nightly YouTube videos. Sometimes I do skip trades!

I am in the room and all I can hear is silence, is this normal?
Yes. Trading can be very slow and boring sometimes. You might hear me sing on occasion as well as the jangle of my dogs collar as he scratches himself in between naps.

Will you continue to be profitable?
The million dollar question that I get asked a lot. I concentrate more on managing my risk. If I do that correctly and within my trading plan, profits will be the reward for doing so. If you are only interested in profits and not the journey that gets you there, this really isn't for you.

What is the live ES e-mini S&P (ES) trading room?
Put simply, via GoToWebinar I host a trading room to a limited number (25) of traders every trading day*. I share my trading screen and vocalise what I see happening in the market. Trades entered will be clearly visible via Chart Trader.

Do you show your DOM?
I used to. However most traders in the room wanted to see a full screen chart. I still execute from my DOM (call me old school) which is located on a screen that isn't shared in the room, but all trades can be witnessed via Chart Trader on the shared screen. Easy.

Do you trade live or in sim?
I trade LIVE.

How do I know your are trading a live account?
You don't. I have seen some trading rooms go to great lengths to disguise the fact they are actually trading a SIM account vs. what people in the trading room believe is a LIVE account. At the end of the day I offer a 14 day trial of my Trading Room (if space is available) so you can try for yourself. If it isn't for you, it hasn't cost you a dime to try it.